Shinjuku Night Tour (4 hours, including a one-hour robot show)


Do you want to experience what Tokyo has to offer when the sun goes down? Then this is a tour for you!

We must warn you, it will get a bit crazy so brace yourself!

We will start off the tour with a gorgeous view over Tokyo by night. You will see all the major sights like the sky tree and Tokyo tower. It really is breathtaking.

Then we will go to the little alleyways around Shinjuku station where all the locals eat, and you can enjoy the mouthwatering smells of yakitori (grilled skewers with chicken) and other delicacies.

We then move on to an area called ‘Golden Gai’. Here are again a lot of little alleyways, but this time with little bars that will seat no more than 10 at a time. Most of the seats are occupied by the locals, but maybe we are in luck and we can go inside one of these interesting little places and mingle with the locals while sipping a beer.

Finally we will go to Kabukicho. This area is really over the top. Adjacent to this is the red light district with lots of ‘host bars’ and strip clubs. This is the place where Japanese like to party!

Our tour concludes with a visit to the Robot Restaurant which is quite spectacular although a bit garish.

The tour price includes a ticket to the Robot Restaurant where you will see lots of cute girls dancing and dressed up like fearsome robots battling against each other. Who will win? A girl who rides a dinosaur, or the grim looking robot?  The robot restaurant also includes food, although the bentos they serve here are nothing to write home about. It is all about the show.


We will assemble for this tour at 17:30 (5.30pm) at the Marunouchi central gate at Tokyo station. The tour concludes at the robot restaurant at 20:30 (8.30pm). The show is one hour. For an additional fee we can wait for the show to conclude to bring you back to your hotel or drop you off at Tokyo station.

We need at least two applicants for this tour, and you should to make your reservation at least one week in advance so we can arrange the tickets for the robot show.

The price for this tour is 12.000 yen per person,  including the one-hour robot show.




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