Tokyo streetfood tour 4 hours


If you love streetfood then this is the tour for you! Imagine you are Anthony Bourdaine and go with us on a gastronomical dream along the best places Tokyo has to offer for foodies.

Of course this tour can be adjusted according to your personal taste but here are some of the delectable delicacies we will savour on this tour.

Not for the faint of heart; We will start off the tour with a legendary organ stew infused with miso

Next on our list is some mouth melting fresh uni (sea urchin)

After that we try a gorgeous unagi (eel) skewer and a corn/fishcake combo skewer

Have you ever tried giant fresh oysters? These are a real treat!

Of course the tour cannot be complete without some famous Japanese sushi and/or a chirashi rice bowl. This place will definitely top your best sushi experience EVER!

Now we’re getting to the desert stage of our tour. We definitely have to try some macha ice cream and some sweet creamy tamago  yaki (omelet)

If you still have room for more we might try some blow torched Hotate (scallop) with seafood or an amazing Tempura bowl 

If there’s still time left we’ll show you some of the other sights around but after all that eating you might just want to lie down to recover. ;)




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