Yanaka is an older area in Tokyo. During this tour we will start at Nippori station. From here we will first go to Yanaka Ginza. This area was traditionally where all the artisans lived, especially the people that worked with precious metals (from this the ‘Ginza’ name was derived)

This tour is especially nice if you like to wander through little streets with tiny shops where people sell their (mostly handmade) wares. We will also stop at some of the beautiful temples that crowd this area. According to the principle of Feng Sui all evil comes from the north east. As Yanaka is in the north eastern part of Tokyo, which is why there is such an abundance of temples. This area, mercifully was spared during the second world war and, unlike a lot of other areas in Tokyo, has many of the original buildings from prior to the war.

Along the way we will even stop at a tiny puppet theater where we will enjoy a pantomime show done by the owner who hand crafted all his puppets himself.

We will end the day at  Nezu temple. This is a really old temple that is said to have been established over 1900 years ago and which has a beautiful Japanese garden with a koi carp pond.

While walking through this area we will see very little of the high rises for which Tokyo is so well known.


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