Do you like creepy, weird and scary? Do you love to be rattled and spooked? Then this is a tour especially for you!

Go with us on an adventure to the scariest and creepiest sights in Tokyo and be amazed by all the weirdness that’s out there. This tour is unlike all the other ghost tours I can promise you that!

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

We will start the tour off in Asakusa at the Hanayashiki Amusement Park. If you are sensitive and can feel ghost spirits, you might be able to sense them here. Hanayashiki Amusement Park is claimed to be the oldest amusement park in Japan, and this haunted house has been popular for a long time and was recently renovated as it became decrepit. It is also known as a place where you would see/feel the real ghosts. It is kind of the indescribable chilly yet somehow familiar sensation that Sakura-no-Onrei can give you, like when you visit your grandparents’ old house and found an unknown door. Can you finish walking the 8-meters-long corridor without hesitating? Additional cost: 2,300 yen for an entrance ticket. The amusement park closes at 6PM so we have to start the tour before 6PM.

Sensoji temple

Near the amusement park is the Sensoji temple, also a renowned haunted site. During the Edo period people were especially drawn to religious places believed to have underground creatures in their backyards that counter balanced the divine beings in their frontyards (omote). Sensoji being one of them, renowned for it’s “front” Asakusa kannon and its “rear” (ura) world of evil deities. There are several legends dating back to the 17th century about this area which we will tell you all about! We will also show you the little shrine erected by a samurai who, close to deaths door, erected a small shrine after he was instructed to do so by a priest. According to the story he wanted to repent for all the killings he had done and was worried he might be haunted by some of the people he murdered so the shrine is meant to cleanse his soul.

The Old Hag’s pond

Our next  stop on the tour is Old Hag’s Pond, near of Sensoji temple. This is the site of an inn run by an evil old woman who murdered countless guests by dropping a boulder on them as they slept. If you are brave enough to visit this place at night, you might hear cries ring out over the still, stagnant waters . . .

Sougenji Temple

Nicknamed “Kappa Temple,” this location was built to appease the turtle-like aquatic goblins that are said to pull children off of bridges and drown them. The smattering of cucumbers on the altar is meant to appease the creatures who need to keep water in the bowl-like dent on their heads to survive.

Akiba Jinja

Just a stone’s throw from Kappa Temple, this shrine houses Akiba Daigongen, a powerful deity associated with fire who is said to watch over the area.

Creepy cafe

Last on our list is a “refreshing” drink at the weirdest cafe Tokyo has to offer. The drinks are quite “unique” such as Marijuana Vodka or try the home made Absinthe or you might want to try the Wasabi shiza. Let’s lounge a bit and talk some more about all the ghouls and ghost that wander around Tokyo.

Hope you’ll enjoy the tour!


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