Where to shop: Tokyo’s top 6 department stores

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 in Must see, Things to do, Where to shop |

Department Stores

Tokyo is home to some of Japan’s biggest department stores, rivaling most around the world. Shoppers can spend the entire day wandering the floors of a Tokyo department store, where primarily fashion and home decor make up the bulk of the goods sold. Throughout the day, visitors can go to a Depachika, or department basement gourmet halls, commonly found throughout the city’s biggest department stores. Here, customers may spend hours walking through the isles of depachika looking for fresh food, snacks, and other packaged goods.


Shinjuku Isetan
This Shinjuku based department store is one of Tokyo’s biggest, with branches located all around Asia.


Ginza Mitsukoshi
Mitsukoshi is one of Ginza‘s most prominent department stores. It’s “depachika”, or basement food hall, is considered to be one of Tokyo’s best.


Lalaport in Tokyo Bay is a shopping mecca. With shops, cafes, and gourmet restaurants, visitors can spend the entire day just exploring all it has to offer.


Kiddy Land
This toy store in Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s finest. A great stop for anyone traveling with kids.


Shibuya Parco
Shibuya Parco is the perfect place to spend the day pampering yourself. With shops, cafés, a theatre, and a salon, a day in Shibuya Parco is another one of Tokyo’s finest department stores.


Marui is another chain of Japanese department stores that features high end fashion brands and designers as well as boutiques.