Planning Your Cycling Holiday in Japan

Planning Your Cycling Holiday in Japan

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Japan is among the perfect destinations for a cycling holiday. Basing this purely from the fact that cycling is widely accepted in Japan as a mode of transport and a sport and as a sociable activity. Having a highly advanced transport system and this is basically attributed to the well-organized railway system which is efficient. This makes it easier for the people living in Japan to ride to the train station as opposed to using their cars. This reduces congestion and it is more attractive due to the flexibility of cycling. You can use any route you choose and cycle your way to the station. Japan has undisputedly sufficient parking lots for bicycles, a plus to the security and convenience of using a bike. The following are among the leading destinations you ought to look out for when planning your cycling holiday in Japan.

Imabari and the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road

It is commonly referred to as the cyclist’s paradise. It tops in the ratings as a base for cyclists. Along it, are 14 terminals where cyclists can rent of drop off their bikes along the route.This makes it a convenient option for cyclists.

Awaji Island

The island gives cyclists the view of a beautiful landscape from the coast of the Island. Here, cycling courses are offered to accommodate the different needs and levels of all riders, from beginners to pros. This will improve your confidence on the bike and at the same time pump in more fun into your cycling holiday.

Mount Nasu

A number of leading highland resorts and hot springs are located along the base of the mountain range. There are a variety of courses offered here as well which are in a wide range. This therefore means that all cyclists from beginners up to the top cyclists can fit in and have fun without feeling left out.

Fukuyama, Onomichi, and the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road

It is on the Hiroshima side of the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido . It offers pleasant scenery of the tourist attractions of Onomichi. ONOMICHI U2 , a complex where cyclists can book in and stay with their bikes ,is located here. This is a huge plus for cyclists comfort.

Moriyama, Omihachiman, and Hikone

This is the East of the Lake Biwa. The locals commonly refer to it as “koto”

The cooling lakeside breezes make it very attractive and fulfilling to cyclists. Koto forms roughly 200 km of the path around the beautiful Lake Biwa. The properly maintained roads alongside the shore make the route easy and enjoyable to ride. Rough terrains tend to shorten the life shelf of a bike.

Aizuwakamatsu and Kita kata

This is a 49-kilometer long lane running from Aizuwakamatsu to Kita kata. It passes along the Okawa River. The area and most of its environs are tourist destinations. This is obviously due to the various attraction and historic sites. This then gives cyclists the advantage of enjoying the well-maintained roads while cycling and at the same time having a full view of the beautiful scener

Zao mountain

There is a mountain road that runs across the Zao Mountain range and at the same time connects the prefectures of Miyagi and Yamagata. This is a perfect destination in April up to mid May. At around this time, there is plenty of fresh vegetation as well as the radiant red and yellow autumn leaves normally seen in September. This will give a cyclist beautiful view to admire all along while cycling up the hill.

Miyako-jima and Irabu-jima


These Islands gives a perfect view from which the beauty of the sea and the neighboring scenery is enjoyed by cyclists. From January 2015 when the longest bridge in Japan was opened, the area has been a hub of attention. This is solely for the reason that, it is now possible to navigate through the islands and at no charge. The best way to get the most out of this is through cycling. Who knows! You can discover hidden and unknown sights.


Consider the above destinations and you will be sure to have a cycling holiday full of fun. However it is important to note that the rules on cycling are quite strict in Japan. First thing you get there you need to register your bike. This requires a passport and the address as well as the telephone number of your hotel. This is because foreign cyclists are often stopped by police to check on their paper work and to ensure that the bike is in proper condition. When travelling on the train with your bike, it is a requirement that it is stored in a special bag and you may also be charged an extra fee. On a plane if it is a domestic flight, you will need to use a hard carry case, and at times you may be required to send it before with a fast delivery company.

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