Are you a morning person or a night person? If you prefer the sparkling lights over Tokyo’s bright sunlit days, then we have the perfect tour for you. Start on time for the shops to still be open, but continue on in a much more quiet environment as shops close up for the evening.

We will start out with grabbing some of the best street food Tokyo has to offer. Your guide will be able to take you to the nicest stalls and explain to you exactly what you are eating and drinking. After filling up on traditional snacks it is time to take a walk around the ancient Asakusa area that emanates the atmosphere of days gone by. We will visit the famous Sensoji temple that was originally built in 645 AD, and then we will show you around the quaint alleyways around the temple and tell you all about the history of the Edo period. There are many craftsmanship shops, and we will stop along the way at some of them to give you some background information. There will also be time for you to buy that typical Japanese souvenir to commemorate your stay in Tokyo. The good part about going there in the evening is that it will be much less crowded with tour groups compared to the middle of the day, and as a bonus, the temple will be beautifully lit up after sunset.

This part of town is also famous for its ghosts, and once it gets dark your guide will take you to the places that are said to be haunted. Your last stop a few stations away from Asakusa will be one of the spookiest places in the city. If you want to finish the evening in a (dining) bar, your guide can drop you off at a recommended bar in the area.

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