There are many competitor food tour providers who are taking customers to Nishiki market. Of course, we can also take you there if you would like to go, but our guides prefer to provide a more historical and interesting food tour to you which is a bit more off the beaten path.

Traditional Cuisine

Kyoto was the imperial capital city of Japan for 1,200 years. This also made it the center of food culture like in many other countries where kings have inspired great cuisines like the world-renowned French course menus. Kyoto is especially famous for kaiseki cuisine, the Japanese version of course menus. Kaiseki is traditionally served during the tea ceremony, but later it became a popular dining style.
In this tour, you will learn about Japanese tradition and history during a museum stop, visit a yuba (tofu skin) specialist, and have lunch at a traditional restaurant in one of the most beautiful areas of Kyoto.
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** We also offer a similar food tour in Osaka and Kobe


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