Kyoto Special 3: Calligraphy Class


Have you always wanted to try your hand at Japanese calligraphy? What better place to do it than Kyoto!

Calligraphy is not just about writing to express a message, using the complex Japanese “kanji” alphabet. Calligraphy is a kind of art which enables you to express your thought and relax your mood through writing.

The lesson consists of 4 steps:

1. Learn about the history of calligraphy

2. Watch the teacher’s moves, listen to the teacher’s advice and learn the basic techniques and knowledge.

3. It is your time to aim for the nicest strokes and create your own calligraphy the way you like it.

4. Create your own masterpiece on a Japanese paper board or a scroll paper and bring it back home as a souvenir.

Please contact us at [email protected] for a quote and availability.

** Optionally you can combine this class with a half-day tour after the class

** The materials are all provided


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