Kyoto Special 1: an In-depth Exploration of Tea Culture in Japan


Meet a real master of the Japanese tea ceremony in a modern tea house in Kyoto. Visit the oldest Zen temple of Kyoto which was founded by Zen master Eisai, who was the one who introduced tea to Japan. Walk through the geisha district of Gion to the city’s center and discover how Japanese tea is drank nowadays. For lunch there will be two options: an everyday Japanese lunch, or a Kaiseki course lunch which is traditionally offered to guests during a tea ceremony.

Let the master take you to the Sento Palace, where besides the imperial buildings and broad lanes you can also find three pure water sources which were regularly used for the tea ceremony. Finish the day with a crisp cup of matcha tea in the park or back at the tea shop.

This tour can be expanded with the following options if time allows:

* staying in the ‘water’ theme: Nanzenji, the aquaduct and how electricity’s foundation was laid in the Meiji era, plus the Murin-an, the villa of the first prime minister of Japan

* the Silver Pavillion, the villa of Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the shogun who was at the cradle of the development of the tea ceremony

The tour can be expanded or replaced with the following options for an additional fee:

* Kenninji, founded by master Eisai who was the one to introduce tea in Japan. And the Tofukuji/Inari where off the path you can find tea bushes.

* A day to the tea region of Uji where we will see traditional tea shops, a small tea museum, a view of tea plantations and the beautiful Byodoin temple which stands for the holy land of the Amida Buddha

* An authentic tea ceremony by the tea master

This tour can be offered in English or Dutch. Please contact us at [email protected] for prices and more information


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