Momiji Autumn Colors Tour (Seasonal, 6 hours)


Enjoy the beautiful autumn colors on this 4-hour tour while we discover that Tokyo is not all concrete, but also has some secret jewels that only the locals know of.

We will start the tour wandering the grounds near an old Tokyo university where you will see the vibrant yellow ginkgo leaves that make a wonderful bright contrast against the old architecture of the campus. Next, we will stop for a bite to eat before heading to one of the most beautiful gardens Tokyo has to offer. There is even an old tea house where we can stop to experience drinking some traditional ‘matcha’ (green tea) before ending the tour.

If you are up for a bit of walking and want to see more than you can see in just 4 hours, we highly recommend this 8-hour kouyou (autumn leaves) tour.

We will start the day in a park with a grizzly past, where a murder took place that remains unsolved. We will tell you all about it while we enjoy the gorgeous autumn sunlight shining through the leaves. Along the way, we will stop at a quaint little shrine where street performers often gather.

From here we will travel to Ueno, where you will get a glimpse of what Tokyo was like after WWII when the little street parallel to the station was used as a black market. Of course, everything is “legit” now, you will still be able to get an idea of the hustle and bustle that lingers in these fascinating streets.

We will end the day in a garden nearby that is illuminated at night, so when the last rays of sunshine hide behind the tall Tokyo buildings, you will get a chance to see the twinkling lights that make the garden a magical place to be.


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