This is the only multiple-day tour we organize!

If you want to get off the beaten path in Japan, the San’in region would be one of your best bets. Relatively undiscovered by tourists, but with plenty to offer in terms of nature, traditional culture and history, this area deserves the attention of more well-seasoned travelers with the hunger to discover more! The sand dunes of Tottori, the many natural hot springs, streets that take you right back to the Edo period without the crowds, and of course the freshest and delicious local cuisine, San’in has it all.

We now collaborate with a local agent who knows about all the ins and outs of San’in and can set you up with a knowledgeable private guide with a car, which is by far the best way to discover the environment. As some of the best spots are remote and hard or impossible to reach by public transportation, having private transportation and a guide who knows the area like the back of his hand will give you the best experience possible. We can offer single-day tours, as well as multi-day tours.

As all tours are private, the itinerary is fully customizable. Of course, we will help you create the best program for you based on your interests. So what is there to experience and discover in San’in? Besides paragliding on the famous sand dunes, you can meet traditional craftsmen and women in the pottery and sword-making business, try your hand at traditional crafts, learn more about the life of the samurai, visit healing power spots, ride over the super steep rollercoaster bridge and visit the silver mines. Your guide will also make sure you will have your meals in the best local restaurants.

Example tour itinerary (Tottori and Shimane, 3 days)

Day 1: Tottori sand dunes and sand museum, visit a traditional village, stay in an onsen hotel

Day 2: Multiple hands-on experiences like making traditional sweets, weaving and wearing samurai armor

Day 3: Join a morning ceremony at the shrine and see the shrine maidens dance, visit an art museum which also has the best Japanese garden in the country, visit the castle of Matsue.


Please email us at [email protected] to learn more about this tour away from the crowds in Japan, and if you book a tour through Tokiotours you will receive a special discount!


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