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Sapporo is a city located in the Hokkaido prefecture. Sapporo is the heart of Hokkaido where you can find a lot of interesting sights and learn more about Hokkaido’s culture.

The population of Sapporo is the fifth largest in Japan. Fortunately it’s not all bricks and mortar. If you go to the suburbs the houses become more sparse and give their way to nature. This “harmony of city and nature” is one of the characteristics of Sapporo, which adds to it’s charm.

The first snow usually falls at the end of October and around December there’s usually quite a buildup so every year there’s the famous Sapporo snow festival with lots of snow and ice sculptures.

Unlike Tokyo, Hokkaido doesn’t have a rainy season and usually doesn’t get any of the typhoons. In July and August, the average temperature is usually between 20-30 ℃, humidity is low and it’s cool in the mornings and evenings too.

Hokkaido is known around the world for it’s sea food. It’s one of the gourmet capitals of the world. Not only is the sea food amazing, you can also have Mongolian BBQ and you should definitely try the local ramen.


4 Hours Tour: Sapporo central area and Hitsujigaoka observatory.

During this tour we will visit some of the highlights of Sapporo. We will visit all the famous land marks and take a stroll in the gorgeous  Odori park.

Of course your visit isn’t complete without visiting the “Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill”, where you can overlook the Ishikari Plains. Sheep lazily graze on these massive pastures typical of the Hokkaido scenery. Not only is the view breath taking, there are also some historical sights scattered around the areas which we will tell you all about.
6 Hours Tour: Central Sapporo Area, Hitsujigaoka observatory & Mount Moiwa.

In addition to visiting the main sights of Sapporo, we will head off to one of the prettiest areas near Sapporo; Mount Moiwa, a mountain covered by the Moiwa Primeval Forest. After we have soaked in the amazing views of Ishikari Bay and the nearby mountain range from the observation deck. To get there we will use the ropeway or take the Mt. Moiwa Sightseeing Road from the foot of the mountain to half way up. Once mid-way, we can take a ride on the “Morris Car”, the world’s first drive-type mini cable car to the summit.



8 Hours tour: Central Area, Moerenuma park & Mt.Moiwa (night view)

If you are up for an 8 hour tour we will also stop at Moerenuma Park. It’s located on the outskirts of Sapporo. Surrounded by a marsh, the park has a circumference of about four kilometers. The grounds are covered in attractive green space and there are massive, dramatic features that make the park a very unique public space.

The park owes its bold design to the renowned Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

The park is filled with impressive man made features that give visitors a unique experience as they explore them. Mount Moere, built for the park, stands 62 meters tall and has great views of the park and the surrounding area. At 30 meters, Play Mountain is smaller but has an interesting path that leads gently up to the mountain’s peak. A pyramid building made of glass called Hidamari has an information center, an atrium, basic facilities and gallery space dedicated to Noguchi.


The park has something to offer in every season; cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, a fountain and wading pool during summer, fall brings brightly coloured foliage, and during the winter time you may enjoy cross-country skiing and sledding across the snow-covered landscape.

We can even rent a bicycle and see the park by bike.



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