Self-Guided Tour in Ishigaki Island and Iriomote


When you think about a beach holiday destination in Asia, Japan is usually not the first destination that comes to mind, as Thailand and Bali are much more famous destinations for sun worshipers from Europe and elsewhere. But what would be nicer than discovering Japan’s main island Honshu first, visiting highlights like Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, and then ending your holiday with a few days in the bountiful nature of Okinawa? Let our experience help you plan the perfect finish for your dream holiday to Japan!

Ishigaki Island

Okinawa is a group of 160 islands, out of which 48 are inhabited. The Okinawa main island is the largest island, and this is where most tourists go as it is very easy to reach from Tokyo or Osaka. So why not go for a slightly less crowded and less touristy island instead? The Ishigaki, Taketomi, and Iriomote islands are part of the Yaeyama Island group, and they are known for their clear blue waters and laidback atmosphere. These tropical islands are a great destination for water sports like diving, snorkeling, jetski, etc. and because most of the coastline doesn’t get high waves it is great for swimming during the warmer months.

Taketomi Island

Most people take a day trip to Taketomi Island from Ishigaki or Iriomote, and the main reason to go to this small island is the incredibly clear blue water and white beaches. The pictures you will take here are the ones you see in travel magazines, and you will surely have a day to remember if you go to this paradise island.

Iriomote Island

A large part of Iriomote Island is covered with jungle, so nature-lovers should definitely not skip this wonderful green island with its secluded, peaceful beaches. This is the place where you will truly get to relax after a holiday full of new impressions, and those who like activities in nature will be able to indulge in trekking, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling, and more.

If you book at least one of our tours in Honshu (Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.) or Kyushu, we can provide you with general tips for your itinerary to the Okinawa Yaeyama Islands, or we can provide you with a completely personalized itinerary with insider tips for an extra fee. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.


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