This is not a shopping excursion! The name only applies to the many shops we will walk past on the way and of course we will glance inside some of the more interesting window displays, but we won’t go shopping though.

At the start of the tour we will head to Omotesando and Harajuku and be amazed by all the different clothing styles and the people that wear them! From the hustle and bustle back to the quiet of the Meiji jingu shrine and the surrounding park. This Shinto shrine is not as flashy and much more modest than most buddhist temples and is a popular wedding spot. We might even run into a couple ready to do their photo shoot after their wedding ceremony. Brides and grooms are mostly dressed in traditional Japanese wedding kimono so this is definitely a place you will want to see.

Where does this end?

Well that is up to you! We usually go to Shibuya and see the busiest cross section in the world. Once there I will show you the best vantage point to make that unique picture and we will also stop by to see Hachi the famous dog.

If you are more interested in a culinary experience we can go to Ginza and you can smell and taste the best that Tokyo has to offer in terms of food. We will go to the food court in one of the oldest department stores in Tokyo where you can see a cross section of what Japanese like to eat. Of course there will be an opportunity to taste some as well! Don’t be shy!

So whatever you desire for your unique Tokyo experience, we will try and make it come true!


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1 review for A shopper’s paradise (6 hours)

  1. Marjolein Bakker

    After spending the morning at the Tsukiji fish market I went with Nicki to Omotesando and Harajuku. It was fun to see all these different girls. Some of them dressed up like sweet young girls or Lolita. Even dogs with all kinds of costumes! After this we had a nice walk in the park to the Meiji shrine. Impressive and we had the joy of seeing two couples who just got their wedding ceremonies. In their beautiful kimonos and “high hair” they looked serene in the surrounding.
    And all the things Nicki can tell about it made a wonderful experience!
    Too bad I only had one day in Tokyo but I’ll be back someday!

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