Tokyo for Flower Lovers (6/8 hours)


When you think of Japan and flowers, the first thing that might come to mind is the famous Sakura, (cherry blossoms), but Japan has much more to offer than just Sakura where it comes to flowers! Japanese people love to view flowers all year round, and besides Sakura there are many other flowers that get their juices flowing!

Japan has 4 distinct seasons that all have their charm. The change of seasons is very important to Japanese and they celebrate any change abundantly with special foods and decorations, which you can see or try during on of the seasonal festivals. No matter how busy Japanese are, they always make time in their busy schedule to party, whether it is the changing of the seasons or another occasion.

If you want to track the change of seasons, there is nothing better than to see what flowers are in bloom. Cherry blossoms are a clear sign of spring, morning glory is a symbol of summer, chrysanthemum, the flower of the royal family, comes with first falling of leaves, camellias open their blossoms in snow time. These and many other flowers have been adored in Japan for centuries and continue to be admired today.

Join us and discover that cherry blossoms are not the only gorgeous flower Japan has on offer! This tour is for you nature lovers. Smell the sweet scent of these beautiful bouquets and admire the craftsmanship Japanese put into creating their understated Japanese gardens.

This is a time sensitive tour, as every season has something else to offer where it comes to flowers. Depending on the season and your personal interest the tour will be 4, 6, or 8 hours with a bit of culture mixed in if you prefer to catch some of the more common sights of Tokyo.

Following is the list of flowers and their seasons:

Winter Peonies – January/February

Narcissus – January/February

Plum blossoms – February/March

Sakura – March/April *Please note that this tour does not include a picnic. If you would like to do that, see our other sakura tour. **This tour is also available in the evening, when the cherry blossoms are illuminated.

Azalea – April/May

Moss Phlox (Shibazakura) – April/May

Peony – April/May

Wisteria – May

Iris – May/June

Hydrangea – June/July

Lily – July

Lotus – July/August

Morning Glory – July/August *Please note that this is an early morning tour. The flowers wilt by 11 o’ clock.

Bush Clover – September

Spider Lily – September

Burning Bush – Oktober

Chrysanthemum – November

Maple – November/December *This tour is also available in the evening so you can see the illumination of the maple trees.

Camellia – December – March

 There are also other flowers that bloom in Japan, which are not native species. If you have a specific request to see your favorite one, we will do our best to accommodate you.


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