Ron Vos & Nel Kok

Posted on Aug 30, 2013 in News |

Recently we spent two fine days during a three day stop over with Nicki. We booked several tours and it is truly wonderful, especially with +8 hours time difference to just follow Nicki throughout Tokyo, without having to find anything out for yourself. Nicki’s greatest strenght is that she is really flexible and adjusts her schedule according to the weather when deciding where to go throughout the city. Nicki also knows a lot of background information. One thing that is key to discuss what is included in the tour and what is not in regards to entrance to museums and such.
I wish every one a pleasurable stay in Tokyo and a wonderful trip with Nicki while discovering this amazing city. We look back to a satisfying experience!
Regards, Ron Vos&Nel Kok >KLM CREW

Ron Vos & Nel KokKLM