The Japanese secret to staying young for longer

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Wasabi, the Japanese condiment which offers a delicious kick to the nasal passages with every bite, has long been embraced in Japan, and more recently other parts of the world. However, aside from accentuating sushi or playing jokes on friends, the pungent plant has been found to provide anti-aging effects in recent years. For those who turn up their noses at the thought of a daily dose of wasabi, you may reconsider when you realize how easy it is to benefit from...

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Things to do: Have birds eye view dinner in the Tokyo Skytree

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Timing is everything at Tokyo Skytree. in daylight the urban sprawl below just looks banal; at night, the city lights gleam with romance, but you can’t see to the far horizons. get there for sunset, though, and if conditions are right, the view can be little short of magical. The same applies when you pick a place to eat at the city’s most popular tourist attraction. At peak meal times there are waits of up to an hour. But arrive early or as the crowds are thinning, and...

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Fun short news stories from Japan

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NEWS FROM THE LAB STATS: 76Percent sixth-graders who “enjoy or somewhat enjoy learning English,” according to the education ministry ¥301,000Per capita medical costs in Japan in fiscal 2012—the first time the figure has topped ¥300,000, according to the health ministry ¥764Average minimum wage in fiscal 2013, a ¥15 rise from last year, according to the labor ministry I RISKED MY LIFE COLLECTING THESE THINGS” —Anthropologist Yoshihiko Yamaguchi, on the closing of two museums...

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Hotaka mountains ablaze as autumn starts

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MATSUMOTO, Nagano Prefecture–Karasawa Cirque, a popular mountaineering base to the Hotaka mountain range in the Northern Japan Alps, is rewarding climbers and hikers with a gorgeous vista of autumnal reds, yellows and oranges. The leaves of rowan, Erman’s birch and other trees have turned their seasonal colors, in stunning contrast to the dwarf stone pine and other evergreens. The cirque, formed by alpine glaciers, is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters...

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Ritual transfer of deity at Ise Grand Shrine

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        Many Japanese were visiting the Ise Grand Shrine in central Japan on Wednesday, ahead of an important ritual that is closed to the public.   The event dates back 1300 years and involves the rebuilding of the shrine. All of the sacred wooden buildings at the site in Mie Prefecture are dismantled and built anew every 20 years.The event reaches a climax on Wednesday evening with the ritual transfer of the shrine’s deity to its new...

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