We did the Crazy tour together with Mieke. We had such a great time! Mieke is so knowledgable. We thought she was the best!

Dr. and mrs. Netjes

I had a great day with Adriana. She was very knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. She even explained a few things that I’ve been puzzled about.

Thanks again for a great experience.


We had a great day today with Mieke! Everything was really well organised! Thanks a lot!

I will definitely mention you if I hear of others planning a trip to Japan.


Here a big ‘thank you’ for you guys for the fun tour through Tokyo! Thanks to the tour I did with Mieke I was able to really fully appreciate Tokyo the remaining days. I was able to see all the important highlights and hotspots during the tour and also got acquainted with Tokyo and the public transport system. At first Tokyo seems very big and overwhelming, but after doing the highlights tour I was able to find my way without a hitch!


I have landed back in Amsterdam and would like to let you know that both the reception on Monday, the event on Wednesday and the tour on Thursday went splendidly. Thanks again for all your help!

Stephanie (Stibbe)

Adriana helped Stephanie from Stibbe lawyers company to hold meetings during the congres arranged by the International Bar Association.

Testimonial: “I hereby confirm that everything went smoothly today. Adriana was really helpful.”

Stephanie (Stibbe)

We really had fun last Sunday with Mieke! Thanks a lot!

Carla with her husband and two kids

I have had a wonderful day, very “gezellig”. We were able to go everywhere I wanted. Mieke is a lovely lady and we had such a good time! We were able to see lots of different fashion styles and visited many different shopping areas. Tomorrow we will do a bit of culture watching.

Ruud (custom exploration and inspiration tour)

We had a wonderful day last Tuesday together with Mieke. Will you thank her for us again! She really showed us a lot, gave us lots of information and told us all about daily life and customs in Japan. We are so happy we decided to hire a guide to show us around for the day. Because of that, we were even able to find our way around by ourselves the next day, much easier than if we hadn’t booked a guide!

If we have any friends of acquintances who plan to go to Tokyo, we will definitely recommend they contact Tokiotours to schedule a guided tour!

Anita & Winifred

We enjoyed the tour last thursday with Adriana.

Diny (KLM flight attendant)