Do you want to experience what Tokyo has to offer when the sun goes down? Then this is a tour for you!

We will start off the tour with a gorgeous view over Tokyo by night. You will see all the major sights like the sky tree and Tokyo tower. It really is breathtaking.

Then we will go to the little alleyways around Shinjuku station where all the locals eat, and you can enjoy the mouthwatering smells of yakitori (grilled skewers with chicken) and other delicacies.

After dinner one of our excellent guides will take a dive with you through the maze of little alleyways near Shinjuku station to visit the famous Golden Gai (with the amazing temple nearby that is lit at night) where we will enter one of the little bars to have a drink and we will then proceed to Kabukicho. This area is really over the top. Adjacent to this is the red light district with lots of ‘host bars’ and strip clubs. This is the place where Japanese like to party! The tour will end here, and your guide can point you in the right direction to continue the party if you are not done yet. If you would like to visit the Robot Restaurant afterward we will make sure to match the end time with the starting time of your show and drop you off there.

Please email us at [email protected] to book this tour and ask for tour-only or all inclusive options!


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