From old Edo to modern Tokyo, this tour has it all. We will walk through the busy financial district of Marunouchi full of skyscrapers, see the super-fast shinkansen trains that leave from  Tokyo Station, which first opened in 1914 and has the original facade on the Marunouchi side which is definitely worth visiting. Tokyo Station is not the only building of that time that can be found in the Marunouchi area. If you are a fan of architecture, this district can offer a plethora of different styles from the old to the hyper new!

We will even show you a special ‘haunted place’ where your city explorer will scare you silly with a real-life ghost story. After such excitement, you might find it nice to visit a more tranquil place to settle your nerves, which you will find in the beautiful Imperial palace area and its gardens (closed on Mondays and Fridays). While taking a stroll in this area and listening to our intrepid explorer explaining everything about its lurid past, we will end up at the most controversial shrine in Tokyo.

Depending on the length of the tour you choose, you will experience more of this area and its surroundings, have a meal in a Japanese restaurant, do some (window) shopping in fashionable Ginza, walk around the ‘French Quarter’, or see another shrine famous for its festivals. If you are not into fashion, but rather into electronics or manga and anime, you can also choose to visit the Electric Town of Akihabara instead of Ginza, or we can do even both! This tour can easily be custom made to accommodate your interests.

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