Osaka Street Food Tour for Foodies (3 hours)


This tour is for foodies the world over.

The wonderful thing about Japan is the food is generally very regional. Although a lot of the dishes remain the same, the way they are prepared is totally different in each part of the country. Osaka is no exception in its fame for gastronomical delights and Dotonburi is famous throughout Japan for its amazing street food options. These little alleyways are littered with bars and hole in the wall food stands interspersed with the occasional ramen bar.

As Japanese houses tend to be small with little space for a huge kitchen with all amenities, plus the fact Japanese work long hours, there’s usually not a lot of time left for grocery shopping or cooking in the day. This is the main reason many Japanese eat out virtually every day (and why almost no home is equipped with a dishwasher)

Not only will we eat our tummies full of all the delights Osaka has to offer, of course, you will also get a chance to pose in front of the famous ‘Glico running man’ neon ad and wave bye bye to the giant mechanical crab for which the area is known. While we eat your guide will explain some of the history of  Dotonbori area and we’ll even visit the famous Hozenji Yokocho to bring good luck to the rest of your trip.

You might have gotten a bit curious about what’s on offer food-wise. We will not reveal all our secrets here, but some of the delicacies that will definitely be on the menu are kushikatsu meat skewers and freshly fried takoyaki octopus dumplings dripping in barbecue sauce.

If there’s still time left we’ll show you some of the other sights around the area.

You will be able to choose your budget: for 19.000 yen you will get the Basic plan, for 23.000 yen it will be the Deluxe plan, and for 31.000 yen you will be treated to the Superdeluxe plan. All plans come with at least a few smaller bites, a slightly larger meal and 2 drinks. The Deluxe and Superdeluxe plan have more food, higher quality items and 3 drinks included.

Above prices are based on participation with 2 people. For each additional person, please add 5000 yen to the Basic plan, 7000 yen to the Deluxe plan and 10.000 yen to the Superdeluxe plan. If you do the tour by yourself, you will get a discount of 3000 yen for the Basic plan and 5000 yen for the Deluxe and Superdeluxe plans.

This tour can be done as a lunch time tour or as a dinner time tour (+3000 yen per group).

Please email us at [email protected] to book this mouthwatering tour of some of the best foods and drinks Japan has to offer!

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know when booking this tour.


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